Artists » Rubens Korubin

Mirror, acrylic on canvas 70 x 90 cm

b 1949

Rubens takes Renaissance art and transforms it with a modern backdrop. His use of shading breathes light at almost any shade. His characters jump from the canvas, always the focal point yet not so much so as to be detached from the scene. Rubens has been featured in Canada, France (Galerie Le Lys (Paris) among others), the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, the Czech Republic and, ofcourse, Macedonia. His works can be found in numerous private art collections in both Europe and North America as well as in public collections in Macedonia, including the National Gallery, Museum of Modern Art, and the Academy of Science and Arts. He is also acclaimed for his production and installation of monumental mosaic of 140 sq meters in Pelince, near Skopje. Rubens is one of the most recognizable of Macedonian artists. A master and master educator, he has taught generations of new artists through the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje.

Public Collections

"... Korubin's large oils on canvas feature female muse figures who inhabit both the mystical and mundane worlds. Employing scratchy brushwork on top of deep, melancholy colour fields, Korubin enlivens the mythology by giving his female figures a harder edge. His women are not billowy, blousy layabouts, but figures full of twitchy energy.
The tableaux he sets around his women, while nodding at neo-classical tropes (abundant fruit, pretty drapery, acres of lawns), are interrupted by bursts of text, or a Tron-esque grid, and many unobtrusive, winking nods to contemporary reality. In one painting, a satellite dish hovers over a collection of nymphs frolicking about a ruin. In another, a muse carries a laboratory flask to what could be a grocery-store shopping cart. The muse's life: it's not all lounging by the reflecting pool huffing perfume."
R.M. Vaughan
/Globe and Mail. A Muse at Bezpala Brown Gallery, Sep 4, 2010/

"... Rubens is among those artists that have succeeded in their work to surmount, for themselves and for us, the limit of human fortuity. To convince us (or "fool" us) with his gentle artistic "caress" on the canvas, the velvet layers of delicately selected and coordinated colours that vibrate with the movements of nature, that the search for artistic "beauty" is still and very much worth our while. This is the form of struggle that Rubens has chosen to rise over the hopelessness and the ugliness that hover over modern day humanity in more ways than one."
Boris Petkovski


2010 Skopje, Cultural Information Centre - Skopje
Banja Luka, 30 Years - Museum of Contemporary Art Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
2007 New York, International Art Caravan, Gallery MC
2001 Skopje, Museum of Skopje City
1998 Skopje, Art Gallery MANU
1997 Paris, Art Gallery Le Lys
1992 Skopje, Art Gallery Daut Pasha Amam
1987 Belgrade, Art Gallery Atrium
1985 Skopje, Art Gallery Daut Pasha Amam
Bitola, Art Gallery Mosha Pijade
Prilep, Cultural Centre Marko Cepenkov
1982 Belgrade, Art Gallery of the Cultural Centre
1980 Skopje, Cultural Centre of Skopje
Sombor, Artistic Autumn
1979 Skopje, Gallery DLUM


2006 Mosaic Macedonia in the Memorial Centre ASNOM - Pelince
2004 Mosaic Cupidae Legum Iuventuti at the faculty of Law Iustinijanus Primus in Skopje


2004 Skopje, Grand Prix at the winter salon exhibition by DLUM
1981 Skopje, Award for painting Mosha Pijade at VII exhibition SDLUJ
Skopje, Award of FAS 11 Oktomvri by DLUM
1979 Skopje, Award for Painting The Nerez Masters by DLUM
1978 Skopje, Award for Drawing Kliment Ohridski from the exhibition DLUM
1977 Skopje, Award for painting at the exhibition Young Generation III